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The Netherlands are our consulting focus

Our Dutch and English speaking team will also provide you with competent support for your activities in the Netherlands. Our professionals who are admitted to practice in the Netherlands will advise you on all your legal and tax issues.

We ‘speak your language’ and that of the Dutch. We know the German and Dutch mentality and way of thinking. Our many years of experience in cross-border activities will help you to assert your interests e.g. in negotiations in the best possible way.

We represent you Germany and in the Netherlands both extrajudicial and before the courts and authorities.


Our competences:

The Dutch and German labour law are very specific. This applies to employment contract clauses, changes in working conditions as well as termination. When employing staff in the Netherlands or in Germany, it is therefore essential to know the labour and social laws in their entirety and the mentality in the respective working world.

We offer you both substantive know-how and practical tips for your staff in the Netherlands and in Germany. Our bilingual team has years of experience in Dutch / German labour law and Dutch / German remuneration. Our interdisciplinary and intercultural team is very familiar with the Dutch and German way of thinking.

Our professionals, who are admitted to the bar in the Netherlands and Germany, will advise you on all your employment law issues and represent your interests both out-of-court and before the courts and authorities.

Our services in detail:

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Payroll accounting, salary-split
  • Typical remuneration models
  • Changes in working conditions
  • Dismissals, collective redundancies
  • Secondment of employees to the Netherlands
  • Collective agreements
  • Restructuring / reorganisation

Dutch or German contract drafting sometimes follows different rules than the approach you might be used to. For example, issues such as warranty and liability are assessed differently. Different rules also apply to general terms and conditions. This has an impact on contract negotiations and contract drafting.

We are happy to support you in negotiating and drafting contracts with your Dutch or German business partners in the following areas:

  • Distribution agreements, agency agreements
  • Joint venture and cooperation agreements
  • Service contracts
  • General Terms and Conditions

Establishing a (subsidiary) company, branch or permanent establishment in the Netherlands or Germany can be an interesting way for internationally oriented companies to expand their sales market. Merging with a Dutch or German company or acquiring a company are also options for gaining a foothold in the respective market.

Our interdisciplinary team will be happy to advise you on tax and legal issues, such as:

  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Company formations
  • Branches, permanent offices
  • Acquisition/sale of companies
  • Mergers

Cross-border activities and business activities in the Netherlands or Germany always have tax implications and entail tax obligations. We know the Dutch and German legislation and rules of the game and will be happy to advise you on:

  • Choice of legal form
  • Registration with the Dutch or German tax authorities – payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Auditing of annual and consolidated financial statements
  • Preparation of turnover tax declarations
  • Preparation of income tax declarations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business start-up.

Client scenarios

What we specifically can do for you:


Do you want to employ or dismiss staff in the Netherlands or Germany?

Subsidiary founding

You would like to establish a branch in the Netherlands or Germany?

Joint Venture

Are you planning to cooperate with a Dutch or German company?

Purchase or sale of a business

You would like to take over a Dutch or German business or will be taken over?

Contact us without obligation if you are doing business in Germany or the Netherlands.
We will be happy to support you in your economic success in the Germany or the Netherlands.

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