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ZZH GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft

Listening, understanding and proposing solutions. Confidence requires understanding. You talk. We listen. Our services include both the daily business and individual activities in all aspects of labor and commercial law, general civil law, administrative law, where we always retain your individual preferences and needs in mind. In order to design your contracts in the optimized way, economical thinking and practical understanding are a prerequisite. This ist not a point that we are aware of, it forms the added-value basis of our consulting service. We draft and negotiate contracts, audit them regarding timeliness and suitability in legal relations, provide for an adjustment during its life time and represent your interests in court. With our consulting services, the right strategy, procedure and in particular economic aspects in addition to legal expertise, play a basic role- this is our added-value basis. The interdisciplinary structure of our office proposes, if necessary, tax and economic aspects in the counseling approach be included. This offers the possibility for you to have a coordinated concept fullfilment.

Labour law

Labour law

In labour law, we advise individual and corporate persons in individual and collective legal matters. Especially the advice in employment law issues is not about the simple enforcement of the law, but about practical solutions that do not ruin the future of the client or long-term business relationships. We are on your side with the following matters, if needed we appear in court for you:

Individual Employment Law:

-          Dismissal protection

-          Wage and salary payments

-          Justification of employment and service conditions

-          Design, negotiation and drafting of employment contracts

-          Warnings

-          Termination of employment and service conditions

-          Valuation of risks and strategic advice

-          Transaction (dismissal / cancellation agreement)

-          Implementation

-          Review and design letters of reference

-          General terms and conditions

-          Part-time  and temporary employees

Collective labour:

-          Alteration of establishment

-          Arbitration committee

-          Negotitations in the arbritation committee

-          Works constitutions


Corporate and commercial law

Corporate and commercial law

In the area of corporate law we support, advise and represent you in all legal matters associated with the foundation of a company, its management and the ongoing participation, also with its liquidation or the withdrawl of a partner, for example:

-          Legal form (GmbH, GbR, association, general partnership, among other things)

-          Structuring of the social contract

-          Legal form change, transformation

-          Shareholder meetings, preparation and representation

-          Conclusion, amendment and termination of CEO employment contracts

-          Rescission of dismissal and exclusion resolutions

-          Inheritance and business succession

In the area of commercial law, we advise and represent you in the foundation and termination of agency contracts, development and distribution agreements.



Business law

Business law

In the area of business law may be mentioned among other matters the the copyright law, competition and advertising law, trademark law, warning letters.

Public law

Public law

Legal relations of the citizen to the state are arising in all areas of life such as:

-          Construction Law

-          Public Law

-          Neighbourlaw

-          Taxes and duties

-          Environmental law

The above matters are referred to only as an example for the extensive field of public law.


Civil law

Civil law

The civil law obtains among others the general contract law, and the specific obligations such as for example purchase, rent, loan and service contract. General damages claims arising from such unlegal acts covered by this term. In the aforementioned issues, we are your competent partner at your disposal.

We draft and negotiate contracts, audit them regarding timeliness and suitability in legal relations, provide for an adjustment during its life time and represent your interests in court.

This is particularly true for general business conditions (AGB). Are they completely or partially illegal, this may cause the application of the legal rules which sometimes may end in disadvantages for the user. Just here the aditation of the terms and conditions is not only useful but necessary in order not to experience any bad surprises.

In addition to general civil law we are your partner in order to collect your outside demands.